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Young Upstarts – “Purposeful Strategy: Four Insights To Drive Your Company’s Future”

by | Jun 29, 2021 | In the News

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On Young Upstarts, Karla Raines provides four insights into how organizations achieve strategic success. Between new customer zeitgeists and the ripple effects of COVID-19, purpose-driven leaders have their hands full stepping boldly into the Next Normal™. Read more in “Purposeful Strategy: Four Insights to Drive Your Company’s Future.”


I spend my days tracking trends with the power to shape or drive a company’s future. Purpose-driven companies looking to stand out in the marketplace are navigating several notable shifts, courtesy of the customer zeitgeist and COVID-19.

Here are four field-tested insights to achieve strategic success.

Insight 1 – Purpose unites with strategy.

We see so many examples of customers flocking to purpose-driven organizations and turning away from those that do not authentically demonstrate their commitment in thought, word, and deed. Numerous reports by international consultancies note the driving force of Millennial and Gen Z consumers, and that trend is transcending generational cohorts. Your customer can spot inauthenticity in a nanosecond today.

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