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What’s true? Differentiation

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Discoveries

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How do you know if something is genuine? Authentic? Novel? Your gut. No, I’m not talking about the pandemic pudge. I’m referring to intuition. 

Intuition  – the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. 

Intuition connects the conscious and nonconscious parts of your mind, it’s your bridge between instinct and reason. I’ve been building my flyover for years, stress testing it, strengthening it, and mastering its use in real time.

The connections tightened to create a seamless flow. I’ve come to rely on it. And I’ve also regretted not trusting its truth. You too?  

In a world of disinformation, you need intuition more than ever. The internal affirmation that something is true. “I know it,” your confident response.  

Researchers with a love for proof struggle with my ability to know something without apparent reasoning. I could walk them through the 10 or 20 steps, data sources, connections, decades of real-life experiences and points of reasoning it took me to arrive at the truth, but who has time?  

I knew immediately in 2018 that we’d busted through the strategic sweet spot to discover something new. That discovery is Differentiation Zone®. As our case study portfolio exemplifies, the results are true.  

Your organization’s Differentiation Zone® is true, too. Not sure how to discover it? Give me a call. My superhighway is speed-tested.  

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