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What Strategy Camp Taught Us about Customer Mindset

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Discoveries

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How is the customer mindset resonating with you now that we’ve established that “customer” belongs in your purpose-driven vocabulary?
Leaning into the notion of customers and competitors is a game changer. Recognizing you have customers is what differentiates you from the field and helps you marshal scarce funding and sought-after board leadership. Getting into the hearts and minds of your customer means knowing why your organization matters to them. Knowing your “why” means you can continue to make choices that reveal your true distinction in the marketplace.
Reclaiming the word customer is already paying off for those of you who are on board. According to Strategy Camp participants, their biggest take away was learning about the value – the need – of adopting a customer mindset.

Are you comfortable with the term “customer” yet?

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