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University Business – “Disrupt Student Retention Strategies Now to COVID-Proof the Future”

by | Sep 20, 2020 | In the News

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On University Business, Karla instructs higher education administrators on how to create a continuum of communication across campus to COVID-proof retention, say one university’s vice chancellor for marketing and communications and a strategic planning consultant. Read more in “Disrupt Student Retention Strategies Now to COVID-Proof the Future.”


COVID-19 upended traditional recruitment strategies. Campus visits and in-person connections made while traveling are no longer go-to options on which to rely. On the heels of mitigating melt almost exclusively online, the focus must shift to virtual-only recruitment strategies, which has never before been attempted this fall.

A reputation takes years to build and sometimes moments to dismantle. It will take significant time, talent and energy into a set of never-attempted strategies to create the outcomes needed to succeed. Every year, the recruitment calendar operates the same—nurture, recruit, yield and enroll. Repeat. The transition from recruit to commitment is a relay that involves strong baton passes from admissions to the registrar, then over to student affairs. Once a student begins jumping those hurdles, admissions is on to the next cycle, and other campus units are charged with delivering a high-value student experience.

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