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There is No Reset Button

by | May 28, 2020 | Discoveries

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Comfort food and large refrigerators are to blame for the COVID 15—those extra pounds around our collective middles—thanks to Zoom fatigue and step counters that rarely click to 10,000. Virtual runs replace downward dogs as you attempt to re-engage in work, tossing aside the once too large sweatpants for “real” pants and “business on top.”

Your pandemic resolutions a mere memory, lost in a fog of disbelief and grief. The busy-ness of keeping up with it all creates a false sense that you are moving ahead. The hope that multi-channel message management—Teams, Slack, Messenger, Text, LinkedIn, and Instagram—equates action. I’m leading strategically, aren’t I?

Actually, no.

Your Zoom calls with colleagues include a subtle sideways glances followed by a pause. There, you said it out loud. You are holding on, grateful for reserves, hoping to push the reset button later this year. Doubling down on stasis as a strategy. Praying things change before the money runs out. For now the pause button will do.

Too bad Dr. Fauci isn’t available to give us the “tough love” talk.  We need herd immunity from group think. Denial has calcified after two months’ time.

Executives accustomed to overseeing operations are stretched by the in-real-life challenge of navigating a new strategy. Take it from me, the reset button isn’t your alternative.

The essence of strategy is choice.

What choice are you making? Here’s to less binging, more coming to terms.

I’ve made it easy for you. Our Bounce-Back Plan video series is the galvanizer you need to lead. Think of me as your post-pandemic workout coach. Let’s do 50,000 steps.

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