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The Art of Bouncing Back – How Walker Fine Art Reopened after Lockdown

by | May 14, 2020 | Discoveries

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I remember the day clearly. As I prepared to write my weekly email on March 9, my sixth sense and years of consulting told me that we were headed for something unprecedented. That intuition prompted me to offer pro bono coaching services via email the next day.

It took Bobbi Walker 10 minutes to respond to my invitation. You could almost feel the urgency in her one-line response: “When can we meet?” It was critical that we move quickly. Economic stress mounted as it began to dawn on all of us how much our way of life and work would change overnight.
Bobbi is the owner of Walker Fine Art, and has mastered the art of bouncing back. If people couldn’t come into the gallery, then she would make sure the gallery would go to them. 

“Our business is based on the premise that people interact with the art and the artists. We knew we had to pivot to a virtual approach, which would allow people to continue to have access to the art experience and to the gallery community.” 


– Bobbi Walker 

Walker Fine Art believes art is healing. Their vision is to create an approachable, accessible, and sustainable space that encourages and inspires through innovative creativity. Everything they do, from marketing to programming, passes through the lens of art as a form of healing and inspiration.  

Virtual Art Escapes now brings art to life through four unique offerings, one of which is:
Collector | Artist Dialogues – These vignettes showcase a specific piece of art through the collector-artist relationship. A collector introduces a special work of art and then the artist shares their inspiration for that piece. The shared sense of joy and appreciation is palpable. 

Engage with collector Lynn Leadley and artist Heather Patterson as they talk about their shared love for nature and connections. 
Response to the new strategy has been overwhelmingly positive and, best of all, interest in specific works is beginning to emerge as art lovers bring more original art into their homes.

“We have spent 18 years attracting the best artists we can find and building a robust and sophisticated offering. The key shift that Karla brought to the table was taking on the customer mindset and a focus on what matters most to our customer. We are now more laser-focused on serving and attracting customers who share our values and appreciate our niche in the marketplace.” 

– Bobbi Walker

A long-held goal of making contemporary art more approachable to a wider audience was achieved thanks to the unexpected muse that is COVID-19. 
Walker Fine Art is ready to reopen its gallery doors as it celebrates a new exhibition entitled POWER & FRAGILITY. The popular virtual experience will be augmented, once again, by a chance to engage with the art in real life. Mark your calendars for the reception on May 22. The 3,850 square-foot gallery is a perfect place for up to 10 people to experience healing and creativity through contemporary art.

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