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Student Affairs Today – “Test, Track, and Treat Negative Opinion Outbreaks”

by | Feb 16, 2021 | In the News

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In Student Affairs Today, Karla Raines explores how frequent media reports show new students are changing their views of institutions’ plans on a daily basis. Confronted with uncertainty, many students and their parents are questioning your commitment to their best interests. One disgruntled parent’s feelings about paying full tuition for an online‐only experience creates a flurry of shared sentiment in a matter of hours. Soon you discover a new Facebook group is gaining members, each with a complaint about your college. Even if your campus is off to a smooth start, your students and families are influenced by the opinions of others. Read more in “Lessons in Leadership from a Master Strategist.”

This piece was published by Wiley’s Online Library. To read the entire article, purchase an access option through their website.


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