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Stronger Together: Celebrate the Strategy

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Discoveries

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Corporate strategy can seem a bit esoteric or heady. It’s time to make it real by connecting the dots between corporate strategy and your team’s day-to-day work. In my experience, executives underestimate the importance of strategy storytelling, crafting a powerful narrative about the organization’s future direction, and staying true to that message in big moments and everyday conversations.  

When we tie strategy to the mission and values, we reinforce their importance and create unending opportunities to align heads and hearts. Human resources directors know how valuable messaging is to building and sustaining a vibrant culture. In my experience, consistent strategy storytelling yields substantial gains for organizations. First, consistent messaging fosters comfort in times of ambiguity and helps a team navigate uncertainty. Second, strategy storytelling motivates people to lead, whatever their role.  

The Logan School’s mission and beliefs statements augment its strategy story. A deep belief in children’s innate capabilities propels this one-of-a-kind school to deliver a custom education for each child. The differentiation is in plain sight. 

In many organizations, exposure to mission and values clarification doesn’t occur until executive management—likewise, setting strategy. Organizations have an opportunity to optimize people management by creating opportunities for middle managers to develop their skills in mission, values, and strategy formulation.   

My recommendations: 

  • Craft a suite of messages to connect mission and values to strategy. 
  • Encourage managers and executives to use the messages consistently in day-to-day communications.  
  • Inspire your executive team to tie mission and values to your organization’s success measures.  
  • Build a leadership pipeline with hands-on experience in mission, values, and strategy.  
  • Lead by example in human resources. 

    Tying It All Together 

    A mission statement and core values ground us in who we are, while a strategy sets the future direction. All are essential to motivating, inspiring, and coalescing teams to achieve significant results. Human resources directors can serve as vigorous advocates for this robust suite of organizational statements.  

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