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“The essence of your strategy is choice.” – Karla Raines

“Karla teaches us that without a laser-focus on the customer and clarity about what they want and need, we cannot deliver mission impact.”

Rebecca Chopp

Chancellor Emerita, University of Denver

Differentiation Zone offers team memberships to purpose-driven organizations engaging in a Differentiation Zone strategy process facilitated by Karla. Karla will lead your team to discover your organization’s unique Differentiation Zone and craft a strategy, plan, and business model to accelerate success. Once your process is complete you can engage Karla as your contract Chief Strategy Officer to ensure your differentiation strategy delivers the success you envision.

Your team benefits from shared aha moments and strategic insights as you learn how to apply Differentiation Zone’s signature tools and approaches to your purpose-driven organization. Together you’ll learn through hands-on discovery as you explore Differentiated chapter by chapter.

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