Strategy Consultant

Engage Karla to lead a custom Differentiation Zone process for your organization.

With Differentiated as your guide, Karla will lead your team through the Four-Step Process to discover your organization’s unique differentiators, using the powerful Differentiation Zone Tool and other proprietary tools. 

Meet your new tools and resources

  • Shrugs and Smiles
  • Replacements, Alternatives, Catapults, and Community Builders
  • Shapers and Drivers
  • Next NormalFuture Forecasts
  • Goodbye SWOT (link to video)
  • Zone of Indifference
  • Differentiation Zone® Tool
  • And more!

Say hello to understanding your customer

There’s no better way to encourage a deep understanding of your customers than by asking you to share what you know, applying Differentiation Zone’s concepts and tools real-time.

Karla will spark insights through the book’s Six Guiding Principles as she facilitates shared learning experiences.


Say hello to convenience

No more workbooks, flipcharts, or handouts. Your book, tools and frameworks are available online for your use anytime, and as often as you’d like. We provide virtual facilitation, consulting, and strategy mentoring to help you succeed.

Your team will participate in a custom group within Strategy Studio. There you will engage in exclusive content and access community-based learning with strategists from other industries and fields.


Say hello to learning with an expert on call 

An iterative, hands-on process delivers the best results. You benefit from our value-added services. We bring, “aha” generating, consensus building, and singular thinking to you. With our expert guidance, you learn how to create a one-of-a-kind strategy.

Your Result? A differentiation strategy, plan, and business model that everyone is excited to implement.



  • Get honest about your customer
  • Address your stakeholders
  • Learn about the new world of competitors
  • Explore the other industries in which you compete
  • Identify the shapers and drivers behind customer choices
  • Say goodbye to the Zone of Indifference
  • Push beyond the obvious answers to discover true differentiation in the marketplace
  • Identify a singular direction based in competitive advantage
  • Craft a multi-year differentiation strategy
  • Revise your business model
  • Create your Differentiation Zone plan

Contact to discuss your organization’s needs.

Ready to implement your plan? You don’t have to go it alone. Engage Karla as your Chief Strategy Officer.