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Shoutout Colorado – “Meet Karla Raines: Strategy Innovator & Abstract Artist”

by | Apr 20, 2021 | In the News

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On Shoutout Colorado, join Karla Raines for a conversation about creative risk-taking. Discover what it means to become a master strategist while also hearing about Karla’s deep connection to Denver’s arts and culture scene. Read more in “Meet Karla Raines: Strategy Innovator and Abstract Artist.”


Increased tolerance for risk grounded in a greater appreciation for my unique set of talents fuels my career. As a consultant, I tested my abilities and discovered I could do more than I’d ever envisioned as I stepped out in courage with each new project. When you experience that sort of flow, you find that one success manifests the next, and on you go. Abstract painting propels my professional creativity and risk-taking, as it fuels my soul. Artists look at the world differently, and creativity opens a new portal. Years of painting taught me to get out of my own way, not to tell myself no, and be open to the power of flow. I wouldn’t have discovered Differentiation Zone® without it.

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