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Psst. I’ve Been Writing a Book

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Discoveries

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What’s your pandemic passion project? Have you perfected your banana bread recipe? Mastered the art of orchid growing? Bought an above-ground pool for your backyard?

Since April, I’ve been writing a book about Differentiation Zone. Inspired by my dear friend and collaborator, Denise McMahan, the book was ready to be written. I simply needed a nudge–and a deadline. Four months of Fridays and many weekends were devoted to manuscript writing. Publication is slated for early 2021 in hard copy and e-book format. I’ll keep you posted about launch events, author-led book clubs, and an online strategy community. 

In the meantime, I could use your help selecting a title. It needs to be straight-forward yet memorable and not cliché.

Here are three leading contenders.


  1. Differentiation Zone® Strategy: A New Way Forward for Purpose-Driven Organizations
  2. Differentiated: A Breakthrough Approach to Strategy for Purpose-Driven Organizations
  3. Differentiation Zone®: Cutting-Edge Strategy for Purpose-Driven Organizations  

P.S. Before you go … I’m segueing from a weekly Discovery to a monthly schedule. Keep a lookout for strategic wisdom the first week of September and thereafter. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and let me know how your passion project has unfolded. Mine is a work of art.

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