Curating the Life of Your Dreams

In 2012, I picked up a paintbrush and began creating art. I’d always thought of myself as “creative.” It took me a while to think of myself as an “artist” – and even longer to proclaim, “I’m an artist.”

Over the years I’ve discovered how important inspiration is to my process. Realizing that my love for landscape paintings didn’t translate to my own practice, I gave up the idea of what I should create and embraced what came naturally to me. I’m not a realist painter. I’m an abstract expressionist.

Being an artist enriches my life. It enlivens my visual engagement with the world. Not only do I look at art differently, I look at life differently. I engage more boldly as a strategy consultant. Making art requires a high tolerance for risk as you never know if the next stroke is going to enhance or diminish the work. You have to be free to make mistakes.

You also learn to let go of a piece that holds great attachment for you – yet falls short artistically. Let’s face it, some stuff simply isn’t very good. Do it anyway. Love it. Share it with the world. Then let it go. Along the way I realized that I am a natural curator. I get it from my mom. Her closet was a fashion curator’s dream. She was an artist too.

Curation is the process of selecting, organizing, and looking after items as a collection. Curators tell stories through objects. You’ll see examples of my curatorial nature when you step into my home, read the narrative of a strategic plan, or notice my wardrobe.

I’m offering a set of curated services to assist you in creating the life of your dreams.

Karla Raines standing in her artistic living room

Karla Raines, Artist and Strategist

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Curated Offerings

Workshops / Seminars

  • Discovering Your Personal Differentiation Zone®
  • Claiming Your Courage: Living Boldly at Every Age

Executive coaching

  • A curator’s approach to looking after the collection that is your life

Keynotes / Public speaking

  • My Life is a Work of Art®: Discovering Your Authentic Self and Sharing Your Story
  • Living Boldly at any Age: Harnessing Creativity to Inspire Risk Taking

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