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One-on-one coaching is a great way to propel your organization forward. Karla has a rare background in engineering coupled with an MBA. Today, she’s a voracious learner, constantly adapting her strategic advice in alignment with the times. Her left- and right-brain training enable Karla to draw strategic connections others often miss, while her artistic pursuits help her think more imaginatively on behalf of clients. Having Karla as your on-call master strategist means she’ll have you on speed dial and offer exceptional insights and recommendations to reach new heights in organizational performance.

You’ll have access to Karla’s brain to help you:

  • Navigate complexity and create a process to achieve success
  • Strategize on solutions to address gaps, stumbling blocks, lack of leadership, and fear of change
  • Read through your research to distill true insights
  • Walk you through application of the Differentiation Zone process, principles and tool
  • Partner with you to identify true differentiation in the marketplace
  • Review your proposed strategy
  • Ensure your plan is truly strategic
  • Coach you on how to inspire leaders to bold action

Consider Karla your secret advantage.

If you’d like Karla Raines to help you evaluate your options and identify opportunities consistent with the Differentiation Zone approach, consider enlisting her strategic counsel in a series of coaching sessions where, together, you can review documents, have strategic conversations, revisit any step in the Differentiation Zone process, and uncover insights. One phone call with Karla can help you set a new course, while other organizational hurdles may require a few phone calls or meetings.


Karla can provide you with a one-time quote or bundled pricing that allows for multiple discussions that suit your needs.

Executives, sessions may be shared or split between two executives within the same organization. Perhaps you’d like to involve your colleague or board chair. Consultants, consider inviting your client on the call or point person for your project. 

Schedule a Calendy appointment for phone or in-person bundled and one-time rates.

What an exciting concept! I love your focus on competition and encouraging executives to acknowledge and embrace that reality. I can see how these principles might be applied to purpose-driven organizations with a heavy emphasis on earned income as well as those who rely on more traditional philanthropic fundraising. All of us are facing more competition as we adjust to increasing expectations for convenient and meaningful engagement with our organizations. Differentiation Zone can have big impact for nonprofits – and be just what we need given the realities we face.”
Lydia McCoy

COO, Colorado Nonprofit Association

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