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Getting your customer to choose your organization isn’t about describing “what we do.” It’s about knowing “why we matter.” Purpose-driven organizations rely on static and outdated strategy models that don’t recognize the fast pace of encroaching market influences and disrupting customer preferences. The only way to get in front of a customer’s zeal for making faster and better choices is by adopting their mindset.

We’ve condensed 10,000 hours of learning into two lessons for you

Differentiation Zone is state-of-the-art and field-tested by experts. It helps you adopt a customer mindset with a unique four-step process.

Spend time with its creator, Karla Raines, to learn what sets Differentiation Zone apart from other models.

Through insightful case studies and “hands-on sleuthing” about your own organization, we’ll discover your Zones. Because the Differentiation Zone is inherently flexible and collaborative, teams and consultants can use their one-day-camp discoveries to guide research, inform analyses, facilitate conversations and inspire authentic conclusions.


  • Dive into Differentiation Zone principles and strategic planning steps.
  • Learn Karla’s keen insights into strategy condensed from 10,000 hours into a few for you.
  • Practice using the model with mock case examples.
  • Complete a Differentiation Zone analysis of your organization.

Ideal for

  • Strategic planning consultants
  • Marketing / branding consultants
  • Fundraising / advancement consultants
  • Executives of purpose-driven organizations


Virtual camp

Join Karla and a group of purpose-driven leaders for a three-part camp series. Each session is 90-minutes.

Fee: $299 / person

Contact Karla for the upcoming schedule.

Safe-distancing custom camp

Host an on-site custom camp for your organization with safe physical distancing.

Or, if you prefer, we’ll bring our virtual camp to you.

Fee: $299 / person

Call or email Karla at (720) 320-6843 or to schedule.

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