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Let's curate your organization’s story of differentiation together.
Clarity is achieved through curation, the process of selecting, organizing, and looking after items as a collection. Creating effective strategy requires the same. You’ll see examples of my curatorial nature when you step into my home, notice my wardrobe or read the narrative of a strategic plan.

Karla Raines didn’t pick up a paintbrush until 2012, though she’s been creating works of art for her clients in the form of compelling strategic plans for over twenty years. Effortlessly moving seemingly disparate elements into a curated and cohesive whole, Karla provides purpose-driven organizations with sought-after clarity and focus.


Karla Raines

Creator, Differentiation Zone®

Owner & Principal, Corona Insights
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Great consultants have a superpower. Karla’s is the speed and accuracy with which she assesses a situation and connects her clients with actionable strategic perspectives. Karla blends a careful ear with remarkable instincts to produce insights that are pitch-perfect for the client’s context.

David Worley, PhD

Executive Director, Executive Education at Daniels College of Business

Comfort with ambiguity is critical to her success—both as a strategist and as an abstract artist. Karla engages more boldly as a consultant because of her artistic endeavors. “Creating art requires a high tolerance for risk because you never know if the next stroke is going to enhance or diminish the work. You learn to give yourself permission to make mistakes” notes Karla. And her risk-taking is one of the qualities clients appreciate most: “Karla gave board members the confidence and courage to take a stand.”

Understanding your customers is the focal point of differentiation strategy. If you aren’t clear about who they are and what they truly value—and how your competitors are courting them with equal fervor—then strategic planning is an exercise in futility.

— Karla

Strategy is all about choice,” says Karla. You have to say yes to some options and, equally important, no to others. Being an artist requires the same discipline. “You learn to let go of a piece that holds great attachment for you—yet falls short artistically. Let’s face it, some stuff simply isn’t very good. Do it anyway. Love it. Share it with the world. Then let it go,” she adds.


What sets you apart; what makes you exceptional, unrivaled, irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind.

Karla’s latest creation is an unprecedented and field-tested strategic analysis model: Differentiation Zone®. Hands-on experience, trial and error, and a pivotal eureka moment in 2018 led her to create a tool that aids purpose-driven organizations to answer two essential questions: Why does your organization matter? Why should it matter to me?

Karla Raines’ experience, instincts and heart lead you to masterful discoveries you might miss on your own.


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