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Pep Talks and BFFs

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Discoveries

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Are you finding yourself feeling a bit sluggish this month? Me too. Just when we hoped to grab onto a portion of our beloved “normal” life, it slips out of grasp, swept up in the Covid-19 resurgence. To be honest, I give myself a pep talk every morning. You too? I check in on my strategy and see what I need to fine tune based on the realities at hand. 

Hello resilience, my new BFF. Let’s meet Goal 1 of your Bounce-Back Plan.  

Your Bounce-Back Plan is the pep talk you need, too. On-demand. Any time. Each of your goal videos are chock-full of energy and insights.

So many of you are shining stars of resilience in action. Purpose-driven organizations like Museo de las Americas, Global Dental Relief, and RedLine are buoyant. You grab strategic opportunities by the tail, allowing their momentum to propel you forward. Along the way you discover that your organization matters even more to those who matter most to you: your customers. Mission commitment is always in hand. You are the pep talk I need. Please forward your stories to me. I’d love to share them with our Differentiation Zone community. 

Getting to the next normal necessitates tenacity don’t you think? That and a whole lotta TLC, opportunity, and economic lift will see us through to 2022. I’ll be pivoting real-time. You too? Join me on July 30th for a free refresh webinar. We can swap stories and pep talks too. 

Refresh Your Bounce-Back Plan | July 30th 12-1 MST | Free Zoom Webinar

Please click this URL to join the webinar: 

Password: 506226


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