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Welcome to state-of-the-art strategy. Differentiation Zone is designed for purpose-driven organizations navigating the customer zeitgeist. Each of us lives in this customer-driven era, accelerated by the pandemic’s power. Technology fueled the change, and we aren’t going back. 

Understanding is power. Karla Raines wants to share her superpower with you. In fact, she has compressed ten years of highly skilled associative thinking with hundreds of incredibly complex strategic projects into a single hour, day and consultation opportunities for you. What does that look like? Differentiation Zone, of course. Quite simply, there’s no other model like it.

Access Karla’s dynamic ability to provide certainty in place of confusion and cognitive leaps in lieu of static choices.



What sets you apart; what makes you exceptional, unrivaled, irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind.

Helping You Think Globally About Your Organization

David Dadone and Gwen Burak, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Strategy Consulting

Looking for a strategy mentor? One-on-one time with Karla is a game changer for your organization and there’s no other service like it. Known for her remarkable capacity to quickly assess a situation, move through complicated scenarios with ease, and summarize a clear path forward, Karla provides you with advice that represents hundreds of live client experiences and some of the most exciting and successful strategic plans produced in the last few years.

Highly regarded and respected in the strategic field, Karla is deeply passionate about helping purpose-driven organizations claim true differentiation and that passion is reflected in her ability to diplomatically push and ask the hard questions. Clients who’ve experienced Karla’s counsel have said, “Karla has a great way of navigating our way to the truth,” and “Karla inspires confidence while calling out what you need to do.”

Strategy Camps

Described fondly as “a ball of strategic energy” and “an amazing facilitator,” Karla’s other notable descriptors are chief executive, artist, creator and, of course, master strategist. Each of these roles and her blended life experience give Karla the unparalleled creativity to see connections where others don’t and provide a way forward others can’t create.

With years of brilliant strategic experience and the uncanny ability to make obvious what other models miss, Karla unveils Differentiation Zone and its one-of-a-kind approach at her Strategy Camps. Attendees agree that Karla’s extraordinary skill in addressing complex questions for the most nuanced of organizational challenges is unmatched.

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