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Not All Nonprofits Matter to Their Customers. Does Yours?

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Discoveries

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I don’t know about you, Reader, but I love to talk about what I do. Give me five minutes and I’ll gladly take 30. After all, this is my life’s work. And of course, five minutes into a monologue I see distraction run across your face as I realize that I haven’t connected with you at all. I don’t understand what is important to you. Consequently, I don’t know why my organization might matter to you and there is little chance you will choose my organization. 
Mic drop. 
The word “matter” is powerful because it conveys intellectual and emotional meaning. For something to “be of importance” and “have significance” it must connect. We pay little attention to something that doesn’t matter. Our customers overlook our disconnected messaging because we were not attuned to them as Daniel Pink recommends. “Attuning yourself to others means exiting your own perspective and entering theirs—it is essential to moving others,” says Pink. 
When considering your purpose-driven organization, ask these two questions:

James Holmes, Executive Director at Cherokee Ranch & Castle, took these questions to heart and has changed his narrative to more effectively connect with his customer.  

Getting to the heart of why we matter begins with empathy and understanding, a deep commitment to not only understand but to care about the needs, preferences, choices, and perspectives of our customers. The power of these questions lies in their simplicity. Answering them requires that we adopt a customer mindset. 

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