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Lessons in Leadership from a Master Strategist (Part 4/4)

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Discoveries

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Finally, engage your people with purpose and strategy. Companies large and small are on a quest for a deeper meaning. Consumers, especially younger generations, demand it. You understand its importance for talent recruitment, retention, and motivation. You can add tremendous value here. Align your company’s strategy with its purpose. Both are stronger when the connection is clear. Your purpose conveys your company’s reason for being the strategic plan your company’s future direction. Your people care deeply about both. Do not relegate purpose to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Claim its centrality to your ethos and culture, and watch it power your differentiation strategy.   

I can see it now. You have convinced the board of directors that the investment makes sense. The strategy process revealed original insights with the power to drive your company’s future success. Your differentiation strategy is at hand, and your team is poised for implementation. Your moment has been met.  

This piece was originally published in the March 2021 edition of HR.COM’s Personal Excellence publication. To read Part 3 on, click here.

Lessons in Leadership from a Master Strategist (Part 3/4)

Lessons in Leadership from a Master Strategist (Part 3/4)

My second recommendation is to get comfortable with complexity and ambiguity. Each of us is called to provide clarity and focus as the world swirls around us. Welcome to the vanguard. The terrain is uncharted territory for us all. You are at the forefront, sharpening your prowess just-in-time as your company navigates unexpected competitor moves, unresolved supply chain snafus, talent shortages, and the need to stand out in the marketplace.