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It’s Reinvention Time

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Discoveries

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When I created your Bounce-Back Plan three months ago, one thing was certain: Business model reinvention was a must-do. I knew you’d be tempted to try a few workarounds to extend the life of your existing programs and services. Or you might pause for a bit until the “V-shaped” recovery took hold, and then, woosh, you’d be back in business.

Oops. Along came the Swoosh-shaped recovery with a steep drop and slow uptick replete with saw teeth. (Anyone have that on their 2020 Bingo card?) Who knew we could dismantle international supply chains and reset consumer behaviors in four months? Dr. Fauci probably did. The pandemic accelerator is in full force. The result? Remote work, physical distancing, and consumer angst are here to stay.

Differentiation Zone’s Next Normal™ Future Forecast is tracking the trends. Here are a few interesting observations with strategic implications for your business model.

Life by appointment

  • Hair salons, pool communities, and art galleries are pacing customers by appointment rather than accepting walk-ins or crowds. Reservations required.


  • Entrepreneurial educators are launching micro-schools for groups of families.

Pop-ups, drive-ins, and drive-throughs

  • The 1950s are back with a twist. You can listen to a concert from your boat, bank, or car. BYO popcorn for the pop-up theater; house parties are a no-no for now.

Salvage operations

  • City blocks are being converted into outdoor dining halls and annual fundraisers into house parties.

You won’t get me off my sofa or out of my above-ground pool unless you offer a truly exceptional experience. Otherwise, it’s not worth the hassle or the risk. Sherbino Theater in Ridgeway, Colorado brings these trends to life. Once it was clear that reopening the theater wasn’t possible, they created outdoor offerings. They were proactive. And it worked. Audiences feel the special experience is worth venturing out for. A magical evening delivers mission ROI.

“That’s the takeaway. If you’re open to thinking something differently, you might come up with something even better. We see it as an opportunity to reinvent, and I think it’s working.”  

– Ashley King-Grambley, executive director

Last week I introduced you to your new BFF- resilience. We’re expanding your posse to include reinvention. Meet Goal 2 of your Bounce-Back Plan. It’s time to reinvent your wheel. Or better yet, create something completely new and fabulous to advance your mission.

Join us on July 30th to recharge and refresh. You’ll need a bit more energy to fuel reinvention.

Goodbye wheel. Hello magical new world. I’m here to help.

Refresh Your Bounce-Back Plan | July 30th 12-1 MST | Free Zoom Webinar

Please click this URL to join the webinar: 

Password: 506226


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