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Invitation to My Creative Salon and August News

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Discoveries

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As a creative strategist, I’m compelled to feed the artist within. When I get too busy to paint, I feel that my professional work starts to suffer. Painting fuels me. Releasing my creative drive leads me to new ideas and frees me from outdated modes of thinking. That’s why I’ve set aside even more time to create this summer. I encourage you to make space for your creativity, too.

In celebration of art and creativity, I invite you to a Creative Salon. Like the French salons of centuries past, this will be an evening of conversation, creativity, and cocktails. Leave inspired to lead more boldly and strategically.

The Creative Salon will be hosted at my home in Denver (pictured below). Please email me your interest so I can set a date that works for everyone.


I spend my days tracking trends with the power to shape or drive an organization’s future. Purpose-driven organizations looking to stand out in the marketplace are navigating several notable shifts, courtesy of the customer zeitgeist and pandemic. Here are four field-tested insights to achieve strategic success. Keep these handy as your plan your retreat and set your sights on 2022 and beyond.

My Work in Progress

Get to know James Holmes and Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation on September 16. James is committed to making bold decisions in service to mission and community. Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation is a historic Colorado landmark offering stunning views alongside a powerful mission to enhance cultural life throughout the state.

James and Karla discuss your customer’s desire for strong leadership. Plus, abstract painting fuels James’s soul.


Adrian Miller, our recent Creative in Residence, is on fire! His Instagram following exploded to 28,600 based on his recent book, Black Smoke, and his appearance on Netflix’s High on the Hog. Whet your appetite with his five creative tips by visiting the link below as a Strategy Studio member.

Power Your Purpose – Three Steps to Success

Power Your Purpose – Three Steps to Success

Your team craves it. New hires wonder about it. But, truth be told, so do your customers, board members, and investors.   What’s your organization’s purpose? What’s your why?   Psst CEO. Each person is looking to you for the answer. Quit bungling the reply. Go from...