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Inspired Nonprofit Leadership – “Three C’s of Strategy and How Creativity Fits In”

by | May 20, 2021 | In the News

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Karla Raines joins Mary Hiland of Hiland Consulting to talk about her journey from strategist to creator of Differentiation Zone. Listen to the podcast on “Three C’s of Strategy and How Creativity Fits In.”

Episode Description

My guest today is Karla Raines. Karla is an accomplished strategist serving purpose-driven organizations in dynamically competitive industries. Her commitment to mastering the art of strategy led her to a career-defining eureka moment. Her “aha” moment in 2018 occurred when she saw something she’d never seen before. The experience crystallized her intuitive process and inspired her to reverse engineer what she’d taught herself to do over years of hands-on practice.

Click below to listen to the episode on the Inspired Nonprofit Leadership podcast.


Karla Raines is available for podcasts, interviews, and written articles. Please contact her at:

Recruiting Daily: Delivering a Differentiated Advantage

Recruiting Daily: Delivering a Differentiated Advantage

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As a strategist, my job is to master the most effective tools. Strategy isn’t a race for efficiency; instead, it requires a focus on effectiveness and “doing things right.” After using various tools, I landed on The Strategic Sweet Spot in Harvard Business Review’s Can You Say What Your Strategy Is? by David Collis and Michael G. Rukstad.