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Get Your Bounce-Back Plan

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Discoveries

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Are you ready to reopen? Prepped for the pivot? Guess what? Sometime soon stir-crazy people will be ready to engage with your organization. Your future will be guided by macro-level milestones driven by public health indicators and a combination of local, state, and national policies.  

Reopening requires:


We don’t have capacity – yet.

Launch your task force. It’s time to get started. There is much to learn as we plan for the next normal. 

Differentiation Zone® has created your Bounce-Back Plan. 

  • Create a resilient strategy
  • Redesign your business model
  • Prep your people
  • Revamp your facilities
  • Fast-track pandemic supplies
  • Communicate transparently
  • Get ready for testing
  • Learn about tracking
  • Anticipate vaccines

We’ve built the template for you. Feel free to make it yours. We identified potential objectives and actions for you. We’ve paid close attention to the new topics, such as antibody testing. Who knew the new decade would bring such important work to the forefront?

I’m ready. Are you?  

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