Differentiated: The Breakthrough Approach to Strategy for Organizations Driven by Purpose

Say hello to your new go-to source. Differentiated was written for strategically minded individuals—executives, board members, consultants, and senior staff—who are committed to accelerating success for purpose-driven organizations.

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Get to know Differentiated

Each chapter opens with a story illustrating the lessons within. Let’s meet the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus in Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Principle One: It’s All About the Customer

The Power of Play

There you are having the time of your life, the wind blowing through your hair, a sword in hand and a cape on your back. Cue the Wonder Woman theme song. Next up, the giant bubble machine. But wait! Should we fly paper airplanes, shop for groceries, make stuff from scrap wood, or go outside over the hill past the families eating their lunches in the grass to the aerial obstacle course aptly named Adventure Forest? You might be four years old, fourteen, thirty-four, or sixty-four. It doesn’t matter. The cape is one-size-fits-all. The wonder and joy of childhood has no age limit.

Chapters 1 through 6 conclude with essential learnings designed to bring each Guiding Principle to life.

Essential Learnings

Principle One: It’s All About the Customer

  • Your customer is the person whose life you promise to impact through mission delivery.
  • You can’t escape the customer zeitgeist.
  • Your customer decides what matters most to them.
  • Customer clarity is essential to mission and strategic relevance.

Praise for Differentiated

Differentiated is inspirational. Take the time right now and read this book. It contains so much original thinking. It challenges you to consider who you are serving and whether you truly understand what matters most to them. Differentiated reminds me a bit of Good to Great. A terrific storyteller, Karla’s real-world examples keep you engaged and bring actionable insights to life.

James Holmes

Executive Director, Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation

This is a powerful call to action. Karla has created a process that honors who we are and positions us to stand out from the competition. Congratulations on what is clearly a new way forward. We’re honored to be a part of your discovery.

Markus Hunt

Head of School, The Logan School for Creative Learning

Differentiated presents the most exciting and compelling strategic approach I’ve encountered in years. One of the book’s greatest strengths is the unique right-brain and left-brain approach that springs from the author’s work as a strategist and an artist. Reading this book brings joy and hope. Karla shows you how to have an artist’s eye and apply a master strategist’s tools to succeed at discovering your zone.

Rebecca Chopp

Chancellor Emerita, University of Denver

It’s never been more important to differentiate your purpose-driven organization. Your ongoing success depends on your ability to clearly articulate distinction in the marketplace, craft a resilient strategy to advance it, enthrall others to invest in it, engage with customers to achieve it, and demonstrate relevance through mission impact to sustain it.

Your Studio awaits.

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