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CEO World – “Three Steps to Differentiation Success”

by | Mar 18, 2021 | In the News

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In CEO World Magazine, Karla Raines welcomes CEOs to a new era for differentiation strategy. A company’s roadmap to success begins with a clarity of customer, proceeds to a steely-eyed review of new competitors, and ends with a renewed commitment to delivering on your unique differentiators. Unpack these ideas in “Three Steps to Differentiation Success.”


The pace of change is unheralded. Broad consumer trends quickly become widely adopted norms. Clubhouse competes with Zoom and Facebook as people seek new ways to connect and converse. Why watch (or listen) to someone else’s story when you can narrate your own?

My work with purpose-driven organizations spanning arts and entertainment, education, and financial services offers strategic lessons for executives in highly competitive industries like yours. Does your company have a differentiation strategy, one that converts competitive advantage into a decisive multi-year direction? It’s time to update your playbook.

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