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See which publishers, podcasts, and news sites are picking up on Differentiation Zone's® insights. – “Take that Career Risk at 60. If not Now, When?”

by | Jun 2, 2021 | In the News

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On, Karla Raines invites retired or soon-to-be-retired professionals to make that career change. For an inspirational story of career risk and success, read “Take that Career Risk at 60. If Not Now, When? 


At the age of fifty-eight, I experienced the most breathtaking event of my career. Quite unexpectedly, I had a visceral experience whose memory lives on in my body and soul. After decades of mastering the art and craft of strategy, I discovered something I’d never seen before. Hours of experience with a specific framework yielded a eureka that captured my attention. Throughout 2018, the discovery kept nagging at me. “Karla, you may be on to something,” the refrain in my head. It wouldn’t let go of me.

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Recruiting Daily: Delivering a Differentiated Advantage

Recruiting Daily: Delivering a Differentiated Advantage

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