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Avoid the Stale

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Discoveries

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Goodbye avocado toast. Hello box of cereal. Kitchen staples proclaimed passé are popular again. Seems it’s easy to get your kids to make their own breakfast when the right ingredients are on hand. Plus, $9 goes a lot further when buying cereal and milk. 

In a few weeks’ time an unimaginable shift in consumer behavior upended long-term trends. When was the last time you ate a bowl of cereal at home? Grab and go options were more than a passing trend. They were our routine.

Overnight the value proposition changed. Say hello to new definitions of convenience, freshness, and ROI. 

Like it or not, that same rethink is coming to your beloved fundraising event. Let’s face it, companies were getting tired of filling tables. Talk was bubbling up about the need for a refreshed approach and a desire to address the questions long unanswered about the true ROI. 

Some executives are making do with the available supply of grab and go items. A recent conversation illustrates the issue: An executive asked me, “When do you predict we’ll have large fund raising events again?”

My reply: 2022 given the uncertainties about vaccines and treatments. 

Everything will get back to normal if we’re patient, right? Next year will be safe, won’t it? We can host our gala then. (The unspoken wish—this is temporary, right?)

We’re inclined to kick that can down the road a bit further, assuming a trendy solution might extend the shelf life. Avocado toast anyone? 

It’s time to commit energy, creativity, and capital to invent the new, now. Preserving “what was” distracts us from the real work of today. You can’t get the weeks back, or the dollars. 

It’s more important than ever to have a thought partner on speed dial. Use my Calendly to schedule an initial call. 

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