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Be the Silver Lining

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Discoveries

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Each of us is being called to serve in ways we’d never imagined. We’re looking for opportunities to step up and stand up for others.  

I continue to live by this mantra.

I strive to be a source of positivity and inspiration for others.

Let me close with this declaration. I am against systemic racism and white supremacy. I believe in justice for all.

The Passion-Driven Pivot

The Passion-Driven Pivot

“What? You’re a Stanford-educated man. You should do something more noteworthy!” That’s the reaction I got from someone whom I told about my pivot to becoming a self-described “Soul Food Scholar.” Many others reacted similarly, especially women that I tried to date....

Stronger Together: Celebrate the Strategy

Stronger Together: Celebrate the Strategy

Corporate strategy can seem a bit esoteric or heady. It's time to make it real by connecting the dots between corporate strategy and your team's day-to-day work. In my experience, executives underestimate the importance of strategy storytelling, crafting a powerful...