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Differentiation To The Rescue

by | May 7, 2020 | Discoveries

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Who knew we’d be cast in The Poseidon Adventure? Our scrappy band of survivors is making its way through the capsized ocean liner, attempting to avoid the steam pipes and all manner of floating debris as we search for the propeller shaft tunnel. It’s dark and disorienting to say the least. And we aren’t dressed for it either. Where is that watertight door? 

Thank goodness one of us can chart the trail. Finally, we break through to air and eventually to light. We’re released from harm thanks to our rescuers. “There’s got to be a morning after,” sings Maureen McDonald.

That summer I rafted the Grand Canyon, by Karla Raines

The original 1972 version of this classic movie had an all-star cast not unlike other films of the era – Airport, Earthquake, and the Towering Inferno. Each was differentiated by the nature of its disaster, otherwise they were all of the same ilk. 

You’ve likely heard the old saying that a crisis is a terrible opportunity to waste. I’d go so far as to say that a crisis is the perfect time to get strategic and focus on differentiation. You won’t achieve differentiation by highlighting a feature akin to the novel setting of a 1970s disaster movie.  Are we in a burning building or falling aircraft? Those features were essentially the same, pretty ordinary in fact, and led to the eventual fizzle of that film era. More of the same became “what nobody wants.”

It’s time to zero-in on what matters most even as our heads swirl from the noise and our hearts race to process the distress around us. A marketing colleague noted that COVID-related terms were the SEO drivers for those of us communicating online early on, but no longer. What stands out today is something singular, one-of-a-kind, and special. An authentic offering, rooted in mission that speaks clearly about why you matter. Goodbye ubiquitous coronavirus “flower.”

What is your next normal differentiator? Give me a call. Together we can figure it out. 

“I love the boldness of attitude in the Bounce-Back Plan. We aren’t waiting for change to happen to us. Instead, we’re creating the change that aligns with our mission. It’s time to get creative, stay optimistic, and move to the next challenge.”  

– James Holmes

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